Staying Safe


in Care

Confidentiality and your record

When you are in care your social worker will keep a record which includes information about you. The information is kept in a paper file and on a computer system.

Why do we keep information about you?

We will keep information about you as it helps to find out what you need, give you the right service and plan for your future.

What information do we keep?

The kinds of information that social care keeps about you are your name and age, your family details, reasons why you are living away from home and plans for your future.

Can other people see your records?

Your records are highly confidential. That means only people who are working directly with you will see it. Other then these people no-one can see your records without you saying so.

Can you see your record?

You should discuss this with your social worker so that we can support you to see your record.

Things to think about if you want to see your records

Reading your record may be upsetting for you, you need to think:

  • is this the right time for you and do you have some support?
  • are there certain bits of information you want, like why certain decisions were made or things happened?
  • have you discussed it with your social worker, carer or another trusted adult?

How to see your record

If you want to make a request then you need to follow the instructions in the leaflet: ‘Access to Adults and Children’s Files – Your rights to see information about you and your family

Leaving Care Summary and Health Passport

When you are leaving care, you will be provided with your Health Passport and leaving care health summary. This is a summary of your relevant personal health information to support you moving into adulthood and make positive decisions about your future health. Information will be given to you, with an opportunity to discuss it with the Children and Young People in Care nurse. You will be able to continue to access information, advice, guidance and support for specific health needs.

Privacy Notice

A Privacy Notice tells you how we collect, store and use your information the reasons for doing so, and also what rights you have in connection with the information we hold about you. We may hold information about you or your family because you’ve contacted Children and Young People Service or you are receiving services from us. If you would like to receive a copy of the Privacy Notice please ask your carer or social worker or read it on our website: wolverhampton.gov.uk/privacy-policy

If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice you can: