After care


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We want you to feel safe , secure, and happy in suitable accommodation for you. There are several housing options that might be right for you, these will be discussed in your Pathway Planning meeting, but you can also speak to your Young Person’s Advisor (YPA) about this at any time.

Supported Accommodation:

  • You will have access to different supported accommodations, these are places where you can live independently but also have someone on hand to help if you need it.
  • You can also access a “training” flat, to help you trial what it would be like to live on your own. You can also get help from a Housing Support Worker between 10-30 hours a week to prepare you for living on your own.
  • When you are 16-17 you can apply to be part of The House Project, you will work towards skills that will help you set up your own home.
  • We will support you moving into your new home.
  • You will receive up to £2,483 Setting up Home Grant when you move into your accommodation to help you buy furniture etc
  • If you live in Wolverhampton, you will not have to pay Council Tax till your 25
  • If you are living with a Foster Carer, then you can “Stay Put” till you are 21 This will be discussed during your pathway planning with you and your carers.
  • You can access the emergency accommodation pad in an absolute emergency
    • Wolverhampton Homes:
      • If you rent a home from Wolverhampton Homes:
        • You will be given high priority (band 1) for housing allocation
        • We will work with Wolverhampton Homes to prevent you being made homeless
        • You will receive a discount on your rent called a subsidy, this will help you with rent payments.
        • You can have access to support in getting things to set up your home.

You can visit the REACH Café drop in centre every Thursday, 1pm – 6pm to meet with your peers, YPA’s and a variety of support services to help and support you whatever you need.