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Financial Support & help

We want to support you in making sound financial decisions that are right for you now and for the future. Remember to access any of these offers please speak to your Young Person’s Advisor (YP) at any time:

Your money and benefits

  • You will be helped to set up your own bank account
  • When you are 18 you can get support and information on how to access your Children’s Trust Fund, your Junior ISA and any savings you may have
  • You will have access to a Personal Allowance when you are aged 16-17, not living in foster or residential care and are unable to access public funds. This will continue when you are 18 if you have no recourse to public funds
  • You are entitled to £10 per week pocket money if you are in custody or hospital establishment and you are aged 16-17
  • You will receive rent allowance if you are aged 16-17 for the full cost of your rent or placement costs
  • We will support you to ensure you are receiving your benefit entitlement and offer support if there is delay in accessing this
  • You will have the opportunity to make a claim to the Department for Work and Pensions prior to your 18 birthday to ensure you receive benefits you are entitled to.
  • Your YPA can help you meet with your Work Coach who will help you with benefits.
  • If you have access to Universal Credit you might be entitled to 6 months free unlimited internet access from TalkTalk. Your Work Coach can access this from the Flexible Support Fund.
  • You may be able to receive Emergency Crisis Payments

Finance skills

  • You will be offered opportunities to engage in courses on budgeting skills which could lead to an ASDAN award
  • You will be supported to have good financial management skills and helped to avoid debt by your YPA.

You can visit the REACH Café drop in centre every Thursday, 1pm – 6pm to meet with your peers, YPA’s and a variety of support services to help and support you whatever you need.